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"With a pounding bassline and adrenaline-inducing vocals, the song is a powerful combination of Mike McKeever and Gosteffects' musical prowess...bound by chaos and explosive catharsis." -
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"Running with the spirit and existential angst of alternative and industrial, the band filters through the shattered prism of the internet age with jagged guitars and raw electronics" -
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"Heavy Halo are melody junkies, their music abundant with shameless hooks and McKeever's fully unfiltered vocals."
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"They've assembled a sleekly-designed industrial goth-grunge machine that will kick into full gear on November 5th when they release their debut full-length. "
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Heavy Halo is conflict: darkness vs. light, noise vs. melody, machine vs.
skin and bone. It's wide-eye idealism dragged down to the dirt by harsh reality.
Heavy Halo is a Goth-Grunge blood-pact forged in the NYC underground between McKeever and Gosteffects. The band takes the spirit and existential angst of Alternative and Industrial and passes it through the shattered prism of the internet age, refracted and made new. Jagged guitars and raw electronics explode over gut-rattling 808's. But at their core, Heavy Halo are melody junkies, lacing tracks with shameless hooks and McKeever's 100% unfiltered vocals. As direct as the music is, the origin of the band is anything but straightforward... McKeever
spent years studying composition at Columbia University while playing every sweat-soaked DIY venue possible. Gosteffects was banging out weaponized techno at illegal raves across the country. Finally, the two met and immediately felt something in common: both would be dead if they didn't create music. But
Heavy Halo wouldn't come together until after McKeever went through a chaotic spiral that sent him to New Orleans, Los Angeles, a psychiatric ward, and back.
They regrouped in New York’s pandemic wasteland, holed up in Gosteffect's studio built in a former hospital. Driven by desperation and claustrophobia, clawing up the walls as they closed in, they ended up crafting the most emotional songs either had ever recorded. The resulting album, out November 5th 2021 on Negative Gain, is pure catharsis.
Heavy Halo is getting up after life beats the shit out of you and spitting back in its face.
In all this conflict,
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2021 HeavyHalo

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